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Electric Truck

MD 8E Utility Light Truck MAB

MD 8 E Utility Light Truck

(Product On Development)

Whether navigating city streets or worksites, this electric truck delivers emission-free performance. Redefine utility with a clean, green drive, setting a new standard for light-duty tasks in an eco-conscious era.

MGT NF 8 T Garbage Truck

Revamp waste management with our Electric Garbage Truck – a silent, emission-free powerhouse. Redefining urban cleanliness with eco-conscious efficiency, it's the future of sustainable waste collection.

MGT NF 10T Garbage Truck
Low Entry Truck Aquila MAB

Low Entry Truck Aquila

(Product On Development)

Navigate urban landscapes seamlessly with a design tailored for easy entry and emission-free performance. Redefine your delivery experience with an eco-conscious drive that effortlessly blends accessibility and sustainability.

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